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18/06/2018 03:52:24 AM

Are you thinking about buying a dog harness? This article explains how best to use a harness when walking your dog or travelling in a car, and how to avoid problems or accidents.

18/06/2018 03:51:13 AM
18/06/2018 03:49:09 AM

Dog harnesses were originally designed for pulling loads such as dog sleds, for attaching equipment or simply for displaying attention grabbing signs.

Why then, in modern times, would a dog owner choose a harness instead of a collar for their dog?

Modern day dog harnesses are practically all based on harnesses used in the equestrian world. Draft animals have been pulling heavy carts for years. It’s worth looking at the different options available and discussing which one is better for your dog.

16/05/2018 04:54:29 PM



A Few Minutes with K9s4COPs Founder Kristi Schiller 

by: Julius-K9 USA





Five years ago you may not have heard about the national non-profit K9s4COPs. This is certainly not the case for most K9 officers across the United States today. Founder, Kristi Schiller shared some of her feedback on starting the organization and its explosion in growth and national exposure since K9s4COPs inception. What started as Schiller just wanting to have the ability to gift a K9 without “red tape” is making a global impact in law enforcement. 


Philanthropist, Kristi Schiller, who loathes the word “Socalite” and calls herself “just a Mom with an admiration for Law Enforcement and a deep love for Texas Ranching”   


In 2014, After the terrorist attack on Paris, K9 Diesel perished defending innocent bystanders. Schiller, whose mind is constantly moving at warp speed, immediately reached out to the French Embassy offering to assistance.  Since the organization’s conception in 2011, has donated approximately 200  highly trained K9 officers and provided over 50,000  hours of training to police departments in 35 states. These police dogs have resulted in the confiscation of over $200 million dollars of illegal contraband and cash.  

06/02/2018 02:11:21 PM
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21/11/2017 10:21:03 AM
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While a little puppy is quite cute when they jump up excitedly, this behaviour in a 20kg dog is unwelcome, particularly when nanna comes to visit!
26/06/2017 04:39:43 AM
Leaving pets locked in cars is never safe.  However, when the weather gets warm it can be deadly.  Every year dogs suffer and die when their owners make the mistake of leaving them in a parked car.  Here we have listed a few things you can do to help if you see a pet locked in a hot car.
30/03/2017 05:43:20 AM
The Julius-K9 products were an absolute hit at the Houston K9 Academy medical workshop event where 65 K9 officers attended.
14/03/2017 06:10:30 AM

We want to inform our customers that counterfeit products are available on the market in increasing numbers, produced mainly in the Far East – despite the fact that they have the same design as the JULIUS-K9® products, and even our brand name can be found on them – they are not the products of our company!

JULIUS-K9® provides no warranty regarding the quality of counterfeit products.  Also, we do not assume responsibility for any damage or risk resulting from their use.

The developments of JULIUS-K9® are kept secret.  Neither the technological solutions, nor the composition and quality of the materials are disclosed.  We have several self-manufactured parts, the secret components of which make their counterfeiting almost impossible.