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IDC® Lumino Adjustable Leash - Red Phosphorescent - 7 ft / 2.2m

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Manufacturer: Julius-K9®
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Recommended by the K-9 Search Dog Center / Alexandra Grunow

This leash will glow (phosphorescent) in the dark.  It’s a strong polyester strap with optimal grip, it's covered with a silicon-like material and has been tested and proven on load tests.

A phosphorescent material is capable of emitting light only after exposure to light, the duration and intensity of light exposure will determine the amount of time it is emitting light.

Width is 19 mm, available in different lengths, with or without handle.

This is the double-carabinered version, with adjustable length: 7.2ft, 5.2ft, 4.2ft.

Instructions for using as a standard leash:  When using this leash make sure to attach the carabiner with the D-Ring sewn right below it to the harness/collar.  When the leash is at its shortest length make sure to run the adjustable carabiner through the large Circle Ring (the middle ring).  It is necessary to use the leash properly (not backwards) to avoid putting undue stress on the leash.  This leash can also be double clipped to one dog (Collar and Harness/Front Control and Harness) or it can be attached to two different dogs at once to lead them.   

JULIUS-K9® invention, world's first phosphorescent leash.

Not for tie-out!

Patent office registration number: DE202011101381U1

With or Without Handle With Handle
Length 7 feet
Width 3/4"
Color Red
Material Lumino
Design Adjustable


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