Julius-K9 Hard Dog Race Harness
Julius-K9 Hard Dog Race Harness
Julius-K9 Hard Dog Race Harness
Julius-K9 Hard Dog Race Harness

Julius-K9 Hard Dog Race Harness

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Hard Dog Race Harness

If you like to do sports with your dog, choose the Hard Dog Race® harness, which is perfectly suitable for joint hobby running or trips, besides the dog obstacle races! After the long testing process, our general sport and action harness perfectly satisfies the needs of hobby dog sports, dog obstacle races or a simple trip with dogs. However, we do not recommend it for competitive pulling work.

You can use it every day, as after exact size adjustment it's easy to put on and take off your dog. You find a handle on the harness, which will come in handy when you need to lift your dog while doing sports, or when you need to help it move in some way. You will love this harness, even if your dog can easily escape from other types of harnesses - in this harness, thanks to the strap running between its legs, it will have a more difficult time doing so.

Every element of the harness is covered with a comfortable, soft, but durable neoprene material, to make it more pleasant for your dog, and more resistant to extreme stress - you can safely use this harness on wet terrain as well. It also includes reflective elements - the chest strap is made more visible by means of reflective threads, while the back part by a reflective edging. For the safety of both of you, the handle can be closed by hook and loop fastener.


The straps on the harness are adjustable in a stepless manner to the size of the dog. The neck straps can be adjusted to the required size by means of hook and loop fasteners, while the belly straps by loop adjusters. The neck and belly straps are arranged symmetrically, when adjusting them, care should be taken to ensure that the two sides are equal in length. It is advisable to adjust the straps approximately before putting the harness on the dog. For proper adjustment, repeated adjustments may be necessary.

Adjustment of the straps:

Measure the neck circumference of the dog at the junction of the neck and back, and on the basis of the measurement adjust the neck straps approximately before putting the harness on the dog. After putting the harness on the dog, check the straps - the size is correct if the head of the dog just passes through the opening and the straps rest on the shoulder muscles. The straps are adjusted correctly, if you can slide two fingers under them.

The strap connecting the neck region and the chest strap should be adjusted to a length that will not pull the chest strap behind the front legs. If adjusted properly, the chest strap points straight to the ground, forming an angle of 90 degrees with the spine of the dog.

The chest straps should be adjusted to an extent that allows you to slide one finger between the back of the dog and the straps.

How to pick the right size harness for my dog?

Read more about selecting the correct size, measuring your dog or adjusting the harness below.