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Rappelling harness - M

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Manufacturer: Julius-K9®
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chest circumference: 58 - 80 cm / 23-31"; weight of the dog: 15 - 25 kg / 33 - 55 lbs; weight of the product: 1.6 kg / 3.5 lbs;

Not for tie-out!

To carry the dog on the owner’s back or chest, or to lift it in rescue actions.  The harness has a part which holds the dog's entire body and straps which are attachable to the owner's body, securing the dog safely.  To lift or lower the dog attach the carabiner to the handles on both sides.

Through our experiences we came up with some innovative solutions to make our carrier harnesses more practical and comfortable.

  • the placement of transverse straps has been improved to the ideal spot.
  • we changed the original buckles to new ones with safety locks and a quick release system.
  • the free horizontal movement is supported by the longitudinal reflective cover straps.
  • placement and shape of the handles are now optimalized.
  • pads in contact with the dog’s body were made of waterproof and pressure-balancing innovative materials.
  • shoulder straps (not visible on the pictures) are fixed by 2 inch wide strong buckles.

Quality control

The quality control of the materials and of the products are done by   innova text logo (Textile Engineering and Testing Institute Co.)

The whole description of the product was saved and archived by the Hungarian Patent Office.
Innovations were made by Julius Sebő and Julius-K9 for the RESCUE-24 team.

Julius-K9 products are made of materials checked and approved by the European Union.

Type of special harnesses Rappelling Harness


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