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IDC® adjustable tubular webbing leash - black - 19 mm / 3/4" - 2,2 m / 7 ft

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Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!
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Manufacturer: Julius-K9®
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A durable and heavy duty leash with special fluorescent lines in its material.  

A leash is essential for every dog owner in the world, so it should be comfortable, practical and easy to handle.  The IDC leash is strong and long-lasting, so it’s practical for everyday walks, for sporting activities and training as well.  It's comfortable to hold, so it doesn’t hurt your hand even if the dog pulls harder.  The carabiner is made of steel, it's easy to open but safe.

The real speciality of an IDC leash is that it contains fluorescent threads, making for good visibility even at night.  Available in different sizes (lenght and width), with or without handle, so you can choose the perfect one for you and your dog.

This version has double-carabiners and is adjustable: 7.2ft, 5.2ft, 4.2ft

Instructions for using as a standard leash:  When using this leash make sure to attach the carabiner with the D-Ring sewn right below it to the harness/collar.  When the leash is at its shortest length make sure to run the adjustable carabiner through the large Circle Ring (the middle ring).  It is necessary to use the leash properly (not backwards) to avoid putting undue stress on the leash.  This leash can also be double clipped to one dog (Collar and Harness/Front Control and Harness) or it can be attached to two different dogs at once to lead them.   

Not for tie-out!

Patent office registration number: DE202011004172U1

With or Without Handle With Handle
Length 7 feet
Width 3/4"
Color Black
Material Tubular Webbing w/ Luminous Stitches
Design Adjustable



| 5 out of 5 Stars!

This leash is one of my personal favourites. It has so many uses, it’s endless capacity amazed me! It can be a 3 feet short leash to keep your dog close to you during walks and it can also be a 7 feet long leash or serve as a double leash for two dogs during walks.

It has metal rings throughout the body of this product that will allow you to use it also as a running leash. Simply attach the leash around your waist by securing it to one of the metal rings adjusted to your waistline and connect it to your dog’s harness or collar.

The material is soft to the touch. Although it may appear delicate, it is actually very sturdy and reliable due to the stitching technique used called “Tubular Webbing” which makes the leash a double ply.

If I had to attend to other unforeseen events during a walk with my dog for a few seconds, I can simply attach the other end to a post, fence or a tree to fix any emergency that I might face without losing my dog.

Both ends of this leash has a wonderful metal clasp that is durable. It also has luminous stitching in the middle that comes handy when darkness approaches.

I highly recommend this product.

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