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IDC® tubular webbing leash - black - 15 m / 49 ft - 19 mm / 3/4"

IDC® tubular webbing leash - black - 15 m / 49 ft - 19 mm / 3/4" Click to enlarge
37.99 USD
15.20 USD
Discount: 22.79 USD
Discount: 60%
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!
Manufacturer item code: 216-NL-15S
Manufacturer: Julius-K9®
Availability: In Stock


A durable and heavy duty leash with special fluorescent lines in its material.  

A leash is essential for every dog owner in the world, so it should be comfortable, practical and easy to handle.  The IDC leash is strong and long-lasting, so it’s practical for everyday walks, for sporting activities and training as well.  It's comfortable to hold, so it doesn’t hurt your hand even if the dog pulls harder.  The carabiner is made of steel, it's easy to open but safe.

The real speciality of an IDC leash is that it contains fluorescent threads, making for good visibility even at night.  Available in different sizes (lenght and width), with or without handle, so you can choose the perfect one for you and your dog.

Not for tie-out!

Patent office registration number: DE202011004172U1

With or Without Handle With Handle
Length 49 feet
Width 3/4"
Color Black
Material Tubular Webbing w/ Luminous Stitches
Design Regular


| 5 out of 5 Stars!

This is a very well made product. The materials used are of high quality and it is very soft to the touch yet extremely reliable and sturdy. Like Carbon Fiber, it is very light but extremely tough, strong and very much sturdy.

It might appear thin and delicate but it is of “Tubular Webbing” a technique in stitching which is doubled. For instance, the High Kiss 50 Feet Long Leash from Amazon priced at 9,00$ is thin and only one ply. If a part of the leash begins to fray, it will unravel all the way.

However, this Julius K9 Long Leash is far from that happening. The Amazon Long Leash also has a very poor clasp that opens from time to time that may lead to a lost dog.

This Julius K9 Tubular Long Leash has a stainless steel clasp that is durable. This allows me to let my dog run freely in an enormous soccer field without the worry of losing him if he runs after a deer, I simply step on the leash even if he’s 100 feet away and put him to a stop position immediately. I connected two Julius K9 49 Feet Tubular Webbing Long Leash.

It also has Luminous stitching that comes handy when darkness approaches. This will last you a long time. I highly recommend this product.
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